Animal v Athlete: Four times man has raced beast

Michael Phelps, the world's most decorated Olympian and a swimmer nicknamed the "Flying Fish", has gone head-to-head against a Great White Shark in a 100m race set to be broadcast by the Discovery network. Although the athlete represents the peak of...
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Watching Russias Syrian build-up from central Istanbul

The Alexander Tkachenko is a massive Russian roll-on roll-off passenger ferry that has passed through the Bosphorus several times before, carrying military trucks and other equipment bound for Syria on an open deck.
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Trying the Hadza hunter-gatherer berry and porcupine diet

The Hadza are one of the last remaining hunter-gatherer tribes in the world. It's thought they've lived on the same land in northern Tanzania, eating berries, tubers and 30 different mammals for 40,000 years. The BBC's Dan Saladino went to watch them...
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Trump Russia: US Congress reach deal on fresh sanctions

Leaders of both parties in the US Congress have agreed on legislation that allows fresh sanctions to punish Russia for alleged election meddling. The new legislation would also sharply limit President Donald Trump's ability to lift any sanctions against...
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